What Becomes of Me

I came out as if I had no legs and hands
They were all angled towards my body
Every joint toes to fingers curled and closed
Even my eyelids would not give way.

I was in my own world all by myself
Kicking and growing with nothing to worry about
Well, I didn’t know one language with which to worry
Couldn’t tell you how big it was; except that I filled it all
But hey, I thought that was not all

Aaaa Aaaa…

Angles are opening wider and wider away from my body
Where am I that my eyes now open to infinity and void
Yet I stretch my arms even apart from East to west
To embrace this void that so belittles me
I grab into my pot over and over but my pot remains empty
Where is this?

I can’t stretch my arms anymore because it gets cold
I try to curl my joints back to my body again but it got hot
I cry, screaming into the void;
To blind my eyes again with tears
But they track dry along my cherry cheeks

Aaaa Aaaa…

Take me back to my little home
But they did not understand and walked on by

Too big; too wise to go back
To the world which was mine alone
What have I become
What becomes of me

Aaaa Aaaa…