The little things that remain

I have been smiling before
I have been crying too
But none of them have stayed
They came and went; like seasons do
I know I will be smiling again soon

Now, I am crying and I need you more
Seeking to leave the season
Instead of the season leaving
For where do I expect to go to?

I will not rush out
But will wait and linger on
To humble my spirit and mind and heart
To listen to what you purpose to teach me in this season

My heart is not proud nor my eyes haughty
I do not concern myself with great matters too big for me
I have calmed and quieted myself
Like a weaned child in its mother’s arms, I am content

This is how you give me a testimony
This is how you glorify yourself
This is how you humble me
This is how you test the one you love
This is how you make me appreciate the little things that remain in all the seasons

Put your trust in the Lord; both now and forever