My View on Prayer

One wise man said “people ignorant of the relation in which man stands to God wonder why we should ask and even importune a Father who has provided all things for us.” And I agree with him. Lack of understanding of our relationship with God has resulted in the cancer of ‘prayerlessness’. To pray seems to be the one of the first most important actions to take regarding any problem.

Prayer is not just asking… prayer is demanding. It’s a demand on you and divinity.  You wouldn’t know how to exert true spiritual energy until, prayer goes forth. “Prayer is not merely a matter of asking God,” one wise woman said. “It is providing a channel through which God can do His will on this earth.” The power of prayer is what enriches the spirit of praise. It was after prayer that Paul and Silas praised. And suddenly, things begun to happen. Prayer is a spiritual ‘demister’. it removes the stain of heaviness and burden left in your soul as a result of bad and negative emissions from the world around you. Until, you have prayed, your life is not really cleaned. David prayed “cleanse me with your hyssop…”

Prayer is the utmost declaration of the soul’s sufficiency in the Almighty God.

only humble people pray.

Contrary to popular opinion, according to the scriptures only humble people pray. Every time man becomes arrogant, the first thing you notice, is lack of prayer.

Prayer is a necessity for daily survival for any life. If your marriage will survive the onslaught and the spell of hell, then prayers must be lifted up. It’s your prayer that creates survival in you not your coolness and gentleness.  The fire of God didn’t come down until, Solomon prayed.

When Solomon had finished praying, fire came down from heaven…; and the glory of the Lord filled the temple.” (2 Chronicles. 7:1)

Prayer is a spiritual act that transcends the physical world. It causes the laws of the upper world to influence and accomplish their purpose in the lower world. In prayer, a positive alignment is given to the praying soul in order to receive divine good. Prayer will do in you what God wants to accomplish for you. That’s my view on Prayer… To be continued.

Wishing you Every Blessing