My View on Prayer

My View on Prayer One wise man said "people ignorant of the relation in which

The little things that remain

There comes the times in your life when things get really tough and you want to run to somewhere or do "something" that will take you away from the situation; instead of letting the situation rather going away. No matter how low it gets, this piece is about the little things that remain in the seasons of life that provides some form of comfort and hope that the other things; including the situation, will change.

What Becomes of Me

This is little thought that came to mind as I watched my new-born try to deal with the new world he now belongs. I see him cry, laugh, sleep and stay quiet; in his quiet times, this is what I think is going through his mind. May turn into a song someday too.

The Power of Daily Watch

Our lives are measured in days. It’s the daily steps taken that guarantee our expected breakthrough and reward. The power of habit is built out of doing something consistently. Though, whatever it was might not have been all that pleasurable and sweet in the beginning. However, the more you kept at it, a certain routine was developed which later took care of things.