About Rev. Daniel Ghansah

Rev. Daniel Ghansah is one of the finest men of God you could ever meet. A proven man with Apostolic, Teaching and Healing Anointing. His Ministry which operates in a very unique anointing as an Apostle of God backed by diverse miracles and Healing has blessed many worldwide. He is a Life Coach, Author, and Speaker. He is the President and Founder of Word of Faith Church and Daniel Generations. A chemist by profession, but called and anointed of God for this generation. A man of Wisdom and Power. He is the author of Exploits of Wisdom which unveils the Wisdom of God and Framing Your World. Rev. D.O. Ghansah is married to a beautiful lady Irene, and they are a fruitful couple.

My View on Prayer

My View on Prayer One wise man said "people ignorant of the relation in which

The Power of Daily Watch

Our lives are measured in days. It’s the daily steps taken that guarantee our expected breakthrough and reward. The power of habit is built out of doing something consistently. Though, whatever it was might not have been all that pleasurable and sweet in the beginning. However, the more you kept at it, a certain routine was developed which later took care of things.